90 Days

It’s SUMMER Time!!!! I love this time of year! My kids are home, I have a slight break with work and the days are longer! I am not a big routine person even tho I know I would be able to thrive easier with one but the summer is so much more calm and relaxed. This year my kids have 90 days before school starts back up in August! My plan is to make them memorable days and I’m hoping that summer of 2016 will be one of the best yet!

Last summer started off well with Elle’s 13th birthday trip with me and by the end of June I was starting to feel sick and it just kept on declining with sickness, death of a friend, financial stresses and some major depression issues from not fully dealing with my momma’s death 8 years earlier. So, needless to say I feel that my kids got a bummer of a summer in 2015 and while we aren’t going on a family vacation or spending a ton of money doing things this year I’m hoping this summer will be so much better!

I’ve been feeling pretty crummy the last 7-10 days and I refuse to let it get me down or put me on the couch for hours each day. I love adventures and honestly for me, I would become depressed, grouchy and a mess if I didn’t get up and moving each morning. I go back to the doctor tomorrow so I’m hoping for some relief after that appointment. However, I have learned that I have to take it a little easier then 2 or more years ago but we still have so many adventures we can go on that won’t completely wipe me out.

So for the next 90 days I’m wanting more adventures then couch time, more laughter then tears, more smiles then worried looks, more sunny days then rain, more fun memories then those not so fun times and more I Love You’s then fighting.

Will you join me? Will you take the pledge to find ways to create a memorable 2016 Summer with your family? You can create amazing memories for little to no money by finding joy in the everyday simples things in life.

I would love to have you join us this summer! I will be posting the fun ways we are making memories, the progress of me healing from Lyme and of course recipes because that’s me! I will even attempt to remember pictures when we are on our next adventure! But if you want to see some from today head over to our Facebook or Instagram page to see my crazy kids at one of our favorite parks! Who knows, maybe by the end of summer I will have figured out how to post a picture from my phone onto my blog!

Much Love,