Weekly Wednesday Weigh In~Week 1

So I’ve decided to try something new! In hopes to help keep me accountable, be able to give you guys a weekly update on how I’m feeling and to maybe help and encourage others that are struggling with healthy living I thought I would start this post series!

If you are brand new to my blog, welcome! I am glad you are here! For those of you that might be new I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in April after several years of odd health issues but more recently in the last 6-9 months just pretty much feeling like crap. I’ve always had high blood pressure but since August it has been CRAZY high, like this~

WOWZA!!! This was my "normal" for many weeks this spring!
WOWZA!!! This was my “normal” for many weeks this spring!

Along with my blood pressure issues I was so sore and stiff…this really worried me since I just turned 35 and feel like I have so many more adventures left in me! I also started gaining about a pound a day in December, was always tired and my skin started looking sickly. After countless types of blood pressure meds did nothing for me I knew if I didn’t try a different type of doctor I wouldn’t see another Christmas. A friend of mine suggested I see her more natural doctor and we decided that this appointment would be for the best.

I went in with a list of possible things wrong with me~anywhere from a food allergy to MS to cancer! I never once thought it could be Lyme and was shocked when I tested positive. Since that day in April I have been gluten and dairy free and I also take several detox supplements to help detox my body and rid it of the Lyme.

So now we are caught up to this week! Saturday I had my appointment and I had been having these odd pains on my upper left side. After he adjusted my back and neck I mentioned that I thought I had a rib out. He felt around and could feel nothing but once he got to this one area the pain spiked! I told him that was the place and he informed me that was my pancreas! Umm…so now what do I do? Once again wasn’t expecting that result but honestly I don’t know why. I grew up on sugar and very little exercise and for the last several years knew I was teetering on the pre-diabetic levels. So now I am also on very little to no sugar. I have pretty much cut all sugar out except for fresh fruit.

Remember me mentioning my blood pressure has always been high? Well, you won’t believe this but in 4 days of cutting back on sugar my blood pressure has dropped to this!!!


Needless to say I think I have figured out what caused my blood pressure to go crazy! No, I’m not a doctor so this is just what I’ve all learned, but goodness I can’t even tell you how much medicine I have pumped into my body all these years and how much money I have spent to figure out this mystery when here all along it appears to be sugar causing the problem. This also explains why it’s gone up and down by itself. A few times in my adult life I have cut it out for the most part and focused on a clean eating life style and my golly it drops and then I get comfy in that life style and start letting the treats pile on again and before I know it my blood pressure has sky rocketed again.

So this last week I have felt great and then like crap because I am getting all the sugar out of my system and with my blood pressure dropping so quickly I think that hasn’t helped either…not that I’m complaining though! I’m just so happy to have found what looks to be the main cause of my blood pressure issues!!!

So, other then getting rid of sugar I’ve also been able to wear my wedding ring for the 1st time in 9 months or so!!! I would swell horrible once I put it on and getting it on was even questionable each day! I am so happy that I am starting to see the inflammation leave my body!

Perfect Fit!
Perfect Fit!

So, these weekly updates I will just be sharing what I’ve done this past week, some tips that I’ve found to be helpful and maybe a recipe or two that not only is healthy but also tastes great! I will also be doing a vlog on our YouTube channel so if you want to check that out you can find us here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPluYKyC2cw

I’m not going to focus to much on the scale~God made us ALL beautiful no matter if we are a size 2, 12, or 22. My focus is going to be healthy living for a brighter future. I hope y’all will join me on this adventure I work at kicking Lyme’s behind and we all can work on a healthier tomorrow!

Much Love,