Thankful Thursday

In the busyness of the world around us and between all the grumbling, hate and fighting going on these days it can be hard to remember all the good we do have in this wonderful place. Not just today but everyday I want to stop, slow down, share a smile or a hug with those around me and be thankful for many things that I’ve been blessed with. Today is a gift and one I want to enjoy and be thankful for. 

Today I’m thankful for:

A God that loves ME and YOU no matter what!

The beautiful fall weather.

A husband that loves me and always supports me. 

Three amazing kiddos that are growing up way to fast. 

A roof over my head. 

A fridge full of food that I can prepare for my family. 

My business that allows me to bring in a good income while staying at home. 

My extended family that I don’t get to see very often. 

Friends that will be here for me in an instant if needed. 

The freedom to go worship my Savior every week.  

The 26 years I had my mom on this earth. 

Maybe you’re in a place right now that it’s hard to find the good or things you can be thankful for, but I promise you this…no matter how difficult life might seem we all have something to be thankful for. Maybe it’s the breath you just took, the pillow you’ve cried into or a  smile you received from a stranger passing by. Be thankful for the small things, the big things and everything in between. What has put a smile on your face today or how can you put a smile on someone else’s face? These are all things we can be thankful for…this season I want to challenge you to find an attitude of gratitude, list out everything you are thankful for and find ways to make someone thankful for you. Focus on the good in this life and somehow it makes everything else seem not so hard. 

Thankful for you and much love,


Simply Living

Have you ever been at a point in your life when you’ve just wanted to throw everything away or light a match and start all over with just the basic, simple things in life? 

I crave for a simpler, slower paced way of life where I’m not always moving this pile from one spot to another, not always cleaning up the same items all day long and one where I’m not always looking for that lost object that we of course needed 10 minutes ago. Back in January or February I started a ‘Clear the Crap’ campaign inside my own home and boy did it feel good to just be free of all these unneeded items. When my health took once again another hit, my crap clearing days had to take a backseat for several months. I’ve picked it back up these past weeks except this time I’m being very intentional on what is staying and what is going away for good this time. While not much found its way back into my home I realized we still have so much more then we need and so many items that don’t mean anything to us or bring us joy in any way, shape or form. I am now going through my home once again but this time I’m only keeping the items that A) we use on a regular basis and B) items that really bring us joy   

My first room was the kitchen and while I will still probably part or change up a few things (like my kitchen cups that I don’t like, but you know we kinda need) I’m so much more relaxed in this room and don’t feel like it’s overwhelming when I spend time in here anymore. I can now clean it up in 10 minutes and when I open cabinet doors I don’t fear for my life because random, shoved in objects aren’t falling on my face anymore. 

I wish I would have remembered to take before pictures…I tell myself this a lot so maybe one day I actually will remember ? I would love the counter to be completely cleared off but that hasn’t actually ever happen no matter how many things I get rid of. This however is a much smaller “do to” pile so it’s very manageable. We can also now open the “junk drawer” without something getting stuck and can find the needed item quickly because it’s organized and has stayed organized for several weeks now! 

I am working in our master bed and bathroom now and would love to create the room I’ve always dreamed of…I want to walk in to this room and feel relaxed and not stressed out because I have piles of laundry in the corner that need folded or see all my kitchen piles that always seemed to find their way back to this room for when company comes over looking back at me. I want this to be a room Adam and I can retreat to and find pure relaxation no matter the time of day. I filled up a kitchen trash bag of things to throw away just from our bathroom…seriously how many things did I really need in those drawers?!?! 

This is my drawer now, all I need to find is a little bag or box to keep my few makeup items in. I stil have a ways to go in this room, but just with the things I’ve already removed I’m shocked at how much cleaner it stays!

One of the ways I’ve helped keep the laundry under control the last few months has been to wash at least 1 load a day. I’ve never been one to really sort any laundry and in the 17 years I’ve been doing it I’ve only ruined a handful of items and that was thanks to a tube of Chapstick. I will gather up all the laundry in the morning and start the washer before the daycare kids start arriving. By breakfast time it’s in the dryer and then during nap I can get it folded and ready to be put away once my kids come home. My girls are pretty good about doing their own laundry and every few days I will have enough for 2 loads and will wash blankets and towels together on a sanitize wash with bleach…but if I don’t have enough towels for that second load I don’t worry about it and just throw them in with our clothes. 

I need to pick up another basket but our clothes just get thrown up on the laundry room shelf and then it’s pretty easy each morning! This seriously has been a life saver for me and has saved me spending an entire day standing in front of the washer and dryer! Plus since we just have the clothes we love they are usually always clean which means we also don’t have to buy as many.

After our bedroom and bathroom are completed this will be my next project:

This was the girls room until about 3 years ago when we finished off part of the basement so they each could have their own room, then we turned this into a daycare play room but I found out it was to crowded with 10 kids, toys plus myself in here on and off during the day. Last spring I turned it into a daycare storage room and office but that didn’t really work out well either.  I would love a workout room so we are thinking about using the closet for daycare storage and then move our workout things up here from the basement…however we are also praying about another use for this room so who knows what will really happen to it. Except I can promise you this, it will be cleaned out and organized in the near future! I purged about 50% of the daycare toys this spring and that has made a world of difference in their behavior! We aren’t overwhelmed anymore when it’s time to clean up and I’ve noticed they are so much happier not having so many choices and their imaginations have soared! Honestly I still think we can do with less in this area so I’ll probably be getting rid of some more of these toys in the upcoming weeks. If you or your kiddos are frazzled I highly suggest getting rid of some toys and seeing if this helps! You might be completely surprised at their new found behavior and how well they really can play together. 

Lastly, I want this to be my new life motto:

I want to Live Simply…I don’t want or need a house full of items that bring me stress and control what I do each day, instead I want only the items that bring me joy and happiness when I see them. My simple and your simple will probably look different and that’s completely okay! 

I want to Love Deeply…I don’t want the objects in my home to take away from spending time with my family or not enjoying my friends when they stop by. For me, the less “crap” I have means more time I’ll have to spend with those I deeply love and care about. 

If this is something that you also want I encourage you to just pick a room and start going through everything. Start small if you are overwhelmed and if you aren’t sure if you should keep something ask yourself if it’s used everyday or if it brings you joy or happiness when you see it. If the answer is no then you can most likely live without it. Good luck and if you have any questions I’d love to help you out!

Much love,


Feeding my Herd

Grocery shopping and preparing meals is just one of those things that has to happen in every home to get through each and every day, week and month. It is something that I use to completely dread and now that I’ve figured out some easy tricks and simple recipes I can quickly make a grocery list, drive to and from 2 different stores and buy everything plus get back home within a 2 hour period of time, which is nice that I’m not gone half a day just buying food for the herd. In the past I’ve been so discouraged reading how some people can feed a family of 5 for $50 a week and wonder where I’m going wrong, but I’ve came to the conclusion that A) those articles aren’t up to date for prices that I see on a regular basis and B) my herd eats a lot more then 1 piece of toast for breakfast, half a sandwich for lunch and a small serving of meat and a potato for supper. We are a family of 5 plus I have 10 daycare kids for breakfast, lunch and snack…yes, you read that correctly and I am crazy but I sure do love those littles so its all worth it. I’m not able to ever walk out of the store with only $50 of food to feed my herd for a week but I am able to walk out with plenty of healthy foods plus some fun things they enjoy for treats every now and then along with all of our cleaning and personal care items for $150-$200 every week…which I’m pleased with since this also includes all the daycare items. 

When meal planning for the week I like to use a form like this 

You can make your own or print this  Menu planning sheet. Just search for the free printable meal planner. To start  I will look in the freezer and pantry and see what wasn’t used up last week and start meal planning with those items and then will fill in with family favorites or new recipes I want to try from Pinterest, Facebook or cookbooks I already have. I also don’t add side dishes to my actual menu plan sheet because part of me really likes to wing things ? for the daycare breakfast they also get fresh fruit and for their lunch it will include fresh fruit, veggie and some type of grain per the guidelines I have to follow. I just stock up on a ton of these items and pull out whatever sounds good that day. I’ve found that buying fresh is usually the cheapest except frozen veggies are usually the same price or a little cheaper so I will also buy some frozen bags of veggies to keep on hand. 

After I get my menu plan all figured out I’ll start making my list. I always start at Aldi and then head to SAMs club, if needed I’ll finish buying items at Walmart and I buy all of our beef at our locally owned grocery store because I like it the best. Making AND following my list is key in staying in budget…bad things happen when I buy items not on this list! Like we end up with a jumbo tub of cheese balls that no one will finish before they go bad and all of a sudden I’m walking in the door with $300 worth of items and half of them weren’t needed. 

Using a clipboard works best for me because my list won’t get burried in the bottom of my purse and I can easily check the items off as I put them in the cart. I can also easily see what items Aldi or SAMs didn’t have that I need to add to my Walmart list.

Once I’m home from shopping I will prepare meals for the following week to help my evenings out or make lunch time go smoother…the majority of all your recipes can be frozen which makes meal prep easy and quick! Just don’t thaw meat and refreeze without cooking it first…I don’t exactly know what will happen to you but I’m terrified of stomach sickness so I’ve always followed this kitchen rule ?. I can usually get all the meals prepped within an hour or so!

Here are my freezer meals I have ready right now! All I have to do is remember to pull them out the day before or bake them about double the time if they are still frozen. 

I want to feed my family healthy meals but I also don’t stress over it. We currently have Hot Pockets and Uncrustables in the freezer. I’ve been known to throw pop tarts at my children as they walk out the door in the mornings and we have boxed snacks on the pantry shelf all the time and a large assortment of cereals to pick from. If I got up early each morning to make a healthy breakfast for them I would be a grouchy momma bear and not someone they would want to see. So I don’t stress over it but do the best I can on the budget that works for my family. 

Some of our favorite meals include:

-sloppy joes

-tater tot casserole

-grilled hotdogs 

-chili and cinnamon rolls

-grilled cheese and tomato soup

-taco bar



-grilled hamburgers 

-baked potato bar

-BBQ pulled pork (I’ll make a large pork roast and use for sandwiches, nachos and pizza)

-homemade pizza night

-salad and sandwich night

-baked chicken with Olive Garden dressing

-Swedish meatballs

-BBQ meatballs

These are just some of our all time favorites that are easy and cheap to make. Pinterest is a fabulous place to find so many recipes but just don’t stress out if yours don’t come out looking Pinterest perfect! My herd will eat just about anything no matter what it looks like! If you struggle with spending to much at the grocery store or not knowing what to feed your herd hopefully these ideas will help you out some! 

What are some of your favorite recipes? Or how do you save money at the grocery store? I would love to hear from you and if you haven’t already would love to have you join us over on Facebook and Instagram where I share more about saving money, recipes and whatever adventure is going on at the time! 

Much Love,


52 weeks 

52 weeks ago I sat crying in my counselors office knowing that it would be the last time I walked in or out of there. A few months before this day, I finally decided I was ready to seek help when Adam kindly mentioned it again. I had been suffering from depression after my mom passed away 8 years earlier, childhood issues that I never wanted to address and really not knowing who I truly was, so I looked in all the wrong places to find “me” which ended up causing some major marital problems. 

I had been meeting with “J” for about 6 weeks and thought everything was going well until this day.  I was sharing that I had found a love for baking and then all of a sudden she tells me my marriage will never work and I should just quit now with it. I sat their stunned, not knowing what to say, or what I had said to get this response and then I just started crying. She continued talking and I honestly have no clue what was said after that. When my hour was over I got up, left and drove home. 

For the next few days I didn’t know what to say or do…I wanted to talk with Adam but part of me feared that if she was right this would be the end to our marriage and family…the other part of me knew she was wrong and I wanted to share my thoughts with him. Finally after these 3 long days I worked up enough courage to talk one on one with him after the kids had went to bed. Thankfully that night wasn’t the end to us but a new start for us…one we desperately needed. While these last 52 weeks have been rocky at times we are stronger then we ever have been before and our love is deeper then I ever imagined. 

These past 52 weeks I’ve learned:

1. Never to give up on each other, Adam could have easily given up on me but instead he stood by myside supporting me…even at times I’m sure he wanted nothing to do with me. 

2. Be careful who you take advice from, I was in a Christian counselors office who ended up giving me unbiblical advice to leave my marriage. 

3. I do think we each need a strong mentor in our lives that isn’t afraid to tell you when you are wrong or to suck it up. I’m thankful that within a few days of “J” telling me to leave, I had another woman step up and guide me, laugh with me, tell me when I was wrong or give me advice on loving Adam and my kids like Christ has loved us. 

4. I’ve learned I can love someone even if I don’t really like them at the moment. 

5. Spend quality time with each other. I’m passionate about weekly date nights but if that’s not possible in your relationship right now look for other ways you can spend some one on one time together. Maybe it’s a 5 minute phone call during the day, or washing the dishes together in the evenings. 

6. I’ve learned that I suck at budgeting/bill keeing/etc and while I fought to keep control over that area I’m so glad I’ve released it fully over to him and don’t harbor anger at him anymore while he’s working on it each week. 

7. Be submissive…even if you don’t like the idea it can do wonders for your marriage. 

8. Don’t try to be someone else…God made each of us differently so be the true you and not a made up version of someone else. 

9. When issues/problems come up in your marriage or life, take care of them right away and don’t stuff them down deep inside. I can promise you this, once they start coming back to the surface it can and most likely will explode and be very ugly.

10. Don’t be afraid to admit you were wrong…I’m sorry, please forgive me can go a long ways. 

11. You don’t always have to be right, only do the things you want or have control over everything. Life will be okay and you will survive and probably thrive if you give some or all of the control up. 

12. Bite your tongue. 

13. Don’t talk about your spouse behind their back…you wouldn’t like it and neither do they. The issues that I’ve needed help with I’ve only shared with my mentor…not my group of friends, Facebook or the lady in line behind me at the store. 

14. Be Kind…no matter what. 

15. Show your spouse respect and love. Most guys want shown respect while most of girls prefer love…which I know has caused issues for probably many of us. 

16. Be a team 

17. Learn to work together…it will help with number 16. 

18. Let the little things go…socks on the floor, dishes left behind? These aren’t life or death things and shouldn’t be blown out of proportion.  

19. If you are thinking of leaving or have all of these reasons to leave, push those thoughts aside and think about all of the good reasons you have to stay with your spouse…you’ll always be able to find at least one. 

20. Don’t try and make your spouse be like you…I love a closet full of clothes while Adam prefers just a few things that he really likes. I’ve wasted lots of money on trying to fill his closet with the lastest trends when he prefers his relaxed cut jeans, tshirt and a hoodie. (And I might add he looks mighty good in his clothing choice.)

21. Play together

22. Dream and plan together for your future and support each other with their dreams and goals. 

23. Don’t compare your spouse to someone else’s…we all have issues that others might not have and vice versa. 

24. Surprise them with something they love…it could be their favorite candy bar, a bouquet of flowers or a weekend trip.

25. Sometimes words aren’t needed but just being by their side can be the best healing medicine. 

26. Make sex a priority…I’m not talking about once a month or every other week priority either. 

27. Take care of yourself…I had to put my health first in the spring so I could be a better wife and mom…it’s okay to leave for a walk or a trip to the gym or the basement to get that workout in. 

28. Never stop learning new things about your spouse…you might think you know everything but I bet you’d be surprised what you can learn when you slow down and listen or pay attention to them. 

29. Encourage them to spend time with their friends or go out for hobbies that they enjoy…while time together or as a family is important so are relationships with others. 

30. Brag about them to your friends. 

31. Take time to get dressed, do your hair and make up for them…ask if there’s an outfit or style they like you in or maybe they like your hair done a certain way. This doesn’t have to happen every day but this is a way to show them you care about what they think. 

32. Taking the time for number 31 can also help out how you feel about yourself, which in turn can do great things for your self-esteem and marriage. 

33. Love yourself…you are worth it. 

34. At times when you can’t love yourself and might think no one else loves you, remember that God always loves you and cares for you. 

35. Pray about everything…big or small. 

36. Find a hobby you can learn together or both enjoy. 

37. Don’t harp, nag or whine about something you want them to do. 

38. Enjoy sex with each…you aren’t a sack of potatoes laying in bed. 

39. Help them out around the house…maybe it’s cleaning out the cars or garage, washing a load of laundry or scrubbing the toilets. 

40. Make them feel loved, wanted, cherished and needed. 

41. Give them grace. 

42. Make your home a place they want to be everyday. 

43. No need for baggy flannel in the bedroom…have fun shopping for something that shows a little more of you. 

44. You aren’t perfect and neither is your spouse. 

45. Don’t give up. 

46. Be patient with each other. 

47. Kiss each other often. 

48. Compromise when needed.

49. Laugh and cry together

50. Learn how to talk and work things out with each other. 

51. Forgive one another 

52. Remember you are worth fighting for, your spouse is worth fighting for and your marriage is worth fighting for. Don’t give up, don’t throw in the towel or throw your hands up and turn away from each other. It will be hard at times, you might want to scream, yell and throw punches at each other, but it will also be rewarding at times and before long you will come out stronger, braver and deeper in love with each other. Every morning wake up and choose to love each other, beat the 50% divorce rate and built your future together.

I know that some marriages can’t be saved, but after these past 52 weeks I believe that all marriages deserve a fighting chance to be saved. If your marriage is possibly crumbling around you, I want to urge you to cry out to God for it, find a trusted mentor that you can seek guidance from and start rebuilding your life together one step at a time. At times you might take 1 step forward and 2 steps back but don’t give up on each other…your marriage is worth the fight. When we were engaged and several times throughout our marriage Adam always said divorce wasn’t an option…at the start I never understood why we would even have to worry about that, we were in LOVE and that was never going to change. Then the hard times of life happened and he stood by those words and by me and I’m so thankful he did. I now understand how important that statement was to our relationship. 

If you would have asked me 52 weeks ago, I would have told you this trip last month  would most likely not have happened with each other…so glad we fought for each other and never gave up. 

Much love,


The Day I Left

Today has been just one of those days that was stressful, hair pulling and very long. It really wasn’t one issue but just many small things that led up to me running away. It also may have been the lowest point of my life so far because I was so exhausted I couldn’t make it out of my town and ended up here…

Good ole McDonald’s was my landing spot tonight. They have some of the best tea in town (besides Sonic) but what really won me over is the free wifi. I just wanted to veg on my phone and drift off to happiness for a few minutes or so with no one yelling my name, the laundry piles  staring back at me or the dishes reminding me that they are still dirty. Please tell me I’m not the only Mama that has had these days and just needed to escape! As I sat at the table thinking what’s gotten me to this point I realized that I was searching for happiness in the wrong places these last few days. It won’t be found in my Starbucks drink

Or in completling my 8 piece dinner plate set of Pioneer Woman dishes

True happiness can only be found in Christ. These past few days have been a crazy whirlwind of activities and I have been going nonstop from sun up till sun down without stopping to spend time with Him. I need to clear my schedule with those things that aren’t really needed from me and focus on my relationship with Him, my family and the things that I really am passionate about. When this happens and I spend time with Him more days then not, my days, weeks and months are much more happier and I’m filled with more joy and peace. 

Of course Starbucks, Pioneer Woman plates, my beloved Sonic drinks and nights out by myself aren’t wrong, but only looking for your true happiness in these items will never lead to your happiness that will last a lifetime. I want to encourage you that if you are searching for true happiness to connect with a local church and form a relationship with Him. 

I also want to gift one of my readers with a Starbucks drink on me!

To enter just leave a comment of what you need to clear off of your schedule this fall either on this post or on our Facebook page, Parker House Rules. I will randomly pick a winner Tuesday night! 

Much Love, 


Dear Tuesday 

Can I let you in on a secret? Tuesday evenings are my absolute favorite of the work week! Tuesday’s my hunk and I clear our schedules and make date night a priority for our relationship. We haven’t always done this or put each other as our top priority after God and boy can we tell it when this happens! 

I think it’s important to continue to date your mate no matter if you’re recently married, going on 5, 10 or 20 years of marriage. For us this means setting aside Tuesday nights for each other. We always go out to eat at a somewhat quiet restaurant and spend an hour or more just talking with each other. It’s nothing fancy but it’s us and something that we both like doing…plus I get a night off from cooking! 

One day our kids will be grown and moved out on their own…I want to know who this man is beside me and not wake up once the kids have left to a stranger sharing this home with me. I also feel it’s important to show the kids that we love each other, no matter how hard or busy life gets that we find time for each other. Heck, we have so much fun kissing in front of Elle just to hear her grossed out remarks about us ?.  

I know it can be hard to find the time or money when you have younger kids so I want to challenge you parents of young children to get creative! When our kids were younger, one of us would put the kids to bed while the other ran out for take out, some nights we would even set the table with our good dishes and linens and eat by candle light with soft music playing. Or how about a  Friday or Saturday night movie after the kids go to bed, you can rent movies for free from the library or if the budget allows grab a new release from the movie store. One thing we did was find another couple that you can swap date nights with and you instantly have a free babysitter! I do suggest finding a couple with kids about the same age and those that stay up as late as you and your spouse! It’s no fun to have someone else’s kids till midnight if you’re usually passed out by 9:30. Want to learn to dance or cook? Put the kids to bed and pull up a YouTube video and learn something new together! The possibilities are truley endless! 

One of my passions is helping marriages…ours has been rocky at times but I’m so thankful that God gave me someone that sticks by me in the good, the bad and the ugly and my hope and prayer is that you set time aside for each other throughout the weeks, months and years.  


And so it has begun…another season of football! AJ has started his 5th and final season of youth football, and this season I think I might actually somewhat know what’s happening on the field! It’s only taken me this many years and countless questions to my hunk (aka Adam…wouldn’t want anyone to think otherwise ?) for me to possibly, maybe have a clue! 

See number 32 out there? That’s my baby boy! Except I guess he’s really not my baby anymore. He loves playing and while I’m not a huge sports fan by any means I of course enjoy watching any sport my kids are involved in. You would think since I grew up in Nebraska I would be an avid football fan but can I be honest with ya?!?! I honestly hated football until AJ decided to play and it’s still taken me 5 years to enjoy watching the game. Now hopefully that I’ve gotten that little bit of info about me out, my family and friends from back home won’t disown me ?. 

See that pile of orange jersied boys down on the field? Ya, well AJ is underneath of all of them! About gave this mom a heart attack! I’m not 100% sure is job is to actually run with the ball but how the play ended up playing out he picked it up and ran with it…I want from screaming with excitement to holy terror when I witnessed these “massive” size boys tackle my “not so massive” size boy. Let me tell you I was a slight mess for those few seconds it took him to hop right back up with the ball still in his hands! 

We ended going from loosing to winning in the 3rd quarter and then with 45 seconds left we were down by 6 points. I was once again a nervous wreck jumping up and back down again on the bleachers to screaming, shouting and grabbing the hunks arm while watching our boys battle back down the field to try and win. Do you know how long 45 seconds really is?!?! A whole lot longer then one might imagine while you’re cheering on your boy during an intense game! I think the other time 45 seconds has drug on for so long was while I was attempting to plank for a minute and only made it to that 45 second mark. 

Now while we didn’t end up winning our first game these boys should be proud of a game well played and the fact that they came back from loosing 8-22 at the half to finish the game at 24-30. Here’s to hoping for a great season for all our football teams that we might be cheering on this fall! 

I’m BACK!!!

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this summer went by! As I’m getting back into this whole school routine I realized I haven’t posted a single thing over here since June! In fact it’s been so long that I had to sign back into my blog admin page which resulted in me forgetting what my password was and that took about 30 minutes to change and get logged back in. However, during that whole process I realized there’s an app that allows me to post from my phone! So I’m trying it out right now! Maybe it will be easier then our laptop that I have issues with ?. 

So what’s been going on with you this summer? I no longer test positive for Lyme, I’ve managed to drop 30 pounds and I traveled out west not once but twice! 

AJ and I at the beach

AJ was nominated to attend a Robotics camp this summer and the only one that really worked with our schedule was in San Fran…it just so happens that my sister lives around that area so I was able to spend some much needed sister time with her while he attended the 5 day camp. I loved it out there and it is absolutely beautiful but the traffic is HORRIBLE!!! So for now I’ll stick to the Midwest and be happy going out for visits when time and money allows. 

In August Adam and I were able to fly out to Seattle for a wedding and much needed time together. If you’re married I highly suggest setting aside time and money for yearly get-a-ways! 

Our marriage hasn’t always been top priority and it’s suffered at times…this is something that I’m working hard on to never let happen again! Even if a 4 day get-a-way to Seattle isn’t in the budget I’ll plan a one night escape to a hotel close by. 

I’ve taken several weeks to think about and pray over the direction I want this blog to go…many years ago it started off as our family journey to getting out of debt. That is still so important to us but there is so much more to life then the next greatest coupon deal or “no spend” months. I’ve come up with just sharing what’s on my heart and that focus is usually Faith, Family, Food and Finances. So make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out!