How Are You Feeling?

“How are you feeling?” I get asked this question at least 3 times a week, and while I’m feeling so much better then I was even a few months ago I thought I would give everyone an update. 

For those that are new to this little blog of mine I’ll quickly catch you up to date…since I was 8 I’ve had high blood pressure and when it became extremely uncontrolled (220/160 all day, everyday) I decided I needed to try a more natural type of dr. I had a lot of daily pain that I thought was just due to the fact that I’m no longer 20 and on top of the pain my fingers would swell up within minutes and I could gain or drop 2-4 pounds every other day for no reason. I walked into Dr Moore’s office in April 2016 expecting that he could do nothing for me or I was expecting to be told I had MS, because I googled my symptoms ?. What I never expected was to be diagnosed with Lyme.

So here it is 6 months later and my body hasn’t tested positive for Lyme since the end of July! We are now working on getting the parasite completely out of my body and getting my adrenal glands functioning again. 

I now only take 12 pills a day instead of 30 some and I’ve officially lost 30 pounds since I first walked into his office. My fingers don’t swell anymore and when I gain or drop 2+ pounds in a day it’s usually because I’ve ate something I’m intolerant to…which so far we’ve discovered I can’t have chicken, more then 1 fruit a day, sugar, dairy, corn of any kind, gluten and the one that really wrecks havoc inside my body is eggs. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hungry most of the day or if I loved my new food choices…it’s a constant struggle and one that I have to fight pretty much everyday, but it’s one that I’m determined to win. We’ve also discovered that my blood pressure issues are mostly if not all food related, which on one hand I’m glad nothing else at this time is at least wrong with me, but I love food.

My pain is 100% gone unless I eat foods that I know I shouldn’t but then it’s thankfully not even close to what the pain was like a year ago…unless I go really crazy and then Adam has a little loving talk with me to get me back on track! I’m still dealing with my memory issues and some concentration things but even those are better, I’m praying that they fully return but if not they are manageable. At times I feel like I could go back to nursing school and excel and then I forget random, every day words like fan and dishwasher and decide that being Ms Amy to all my littles is exactly where God wants me! I haven’t been able to read a book and remember anything about it by the time I flip the page but I finally feel like I might be able to remember at least a few pages now so I’m excited to dive into Chip and Joanna Gaines new book once I can find it (because our Walmart doesn’t have it out yet ?) 

One of my girls has started seeing Dr Moore and we have seen such amazing results for her issues in a month that I’m really excited for what our future holds. At times I can get pretty passionate about treating your body naturally so if you ask, be prepared for me to get excited. I’ve lived in pain and have seen results that I never knew would be possible, so of course I want the same for all of you. I’m also okay if people think I’m crazy for being treated this way and if they want nothing to do with it…just don’t ask me for advice multiple times, never try it and then keep complaining to me ?. 

Other then those few little issues I’m still working on and still being pretty tired come evening time and the weekends I’m feeling extremely good. I’m excited to see what my future holds and create many more memories with my family in the coming years. 

Much Love,


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