Day Tripping 

One of my many happy places is going on a trip! What’s even better is when one of these trips is close by and with a van full of friends! 

Saturday we left Kansas City and headed southwest to Oklahoma to the tiny town of Pawhuska. It’s a charming little town that looks like it could be found in a country movie. It’s also the town that Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, lives in and recently opened her Mercantile store, restaurant, bakery and coffee shop in! 

It’s here that I’m guessing the town at least doubles in size on a Saturday as woman from near and far line the streets to gain access into this little taste of perfection that Ree has worked so hard on. We showed up at 11:30am and quickly got in line for access to her restaurant and store. The line strung down a block or two but we quickly learned that the wait to be seated inside was near 3 hours. Thankfully time went by quickly thanks to some entertainment from her boys giving roping lessons in the street and her father in law, Chuck, aka PaPa greeting guests young and old. 

Before we knew it our time had come and we were finally entering the restaurant! We had a party of 6 and quickly realized that if we were willing to split into groups of 2 we could get sat a lot quicker so we opted to go that route. Inside, the place was buzzing with excitement and we were ushered to a cute little corner area. Within a few minutes our waitress had arrived and since we were able to look at the menu ahead of time knew exactly what we wanted. 

I ordered ‘The Best Grilled Cheese Ever’ and her homemade chips. 

The food was delivered quickly and tasted amazing! Not that I would expect anything else from Ree! My only wish was that I would have ordered the tomato soup, because honestly that’s just what goes perfectly with a grilled cheese. The menu was small but has something for everyone and the prices were great! My entire meal was under $8.00! Inside the restaurant you can also order a few pastry and muffin items. I picked up 6 blueberry muffins and 6 orange marmalade muffins for our family dinner on Sunday. 

They were $3 each and I’ve never tasted any other muffin so delicious as these. They will box them up for easy travel so you can bring them home to share or hide for yourself throughout the week. 

While we were eating Ladd was walking around greeting people and graciously agreed to a picture! It was so much fun to meet these people in real life that I’ve watched on tv for the last several years. 

This was the wall behind our table! It’s simply beautiful! It’s carved wood and the original brick work that brought the old and the new together to make a stunning appearance. 

Once we finished our meal we then had access to the store. Not sure what I was thinking but I forgot to take pictures inside the store. They have table after table of unique items from not only Ree but several other companies. From kitchen gadgets to Charlie inspired items to jewelry and clothing you can find something for everyone inside! One of the many things I loved was the huge selection of items but the place didn’t feel crowded. Plus Ree has employees restocking nonstop. Prices were fairly decent and I walked away with her first cookbook that I somehow didn’t own before, a tee shirt, coffee mug and some amazing hand lotion! 

Upstairs from the store is the entrance for the bakery. Sadly we didn’t go up due to another line but that is where Ree was hanging out signing autographs and taking pictures. Maybe next time I’ll get to meet her again! In my dream world she’d invite me out to her ranch for a cooking lesson or two ? I can dream, right?!?! 

If you don’t want to eat at the restaurant you could gain access to the store and bakery in a longer line that was moving at a much faster pace…about an hour wait just to shop and another 30-45 minute wait for the bakery. They also had a short grab and go deli line if you needed a quick bite to eat. And a coffee shop area that we were able to stop at after our shopping was complete. 

Even with longer lines then we ever dreamed about, it was a fabulous day and I’m so happy I got to go and check it out! The food was fabulous, the workers were polite and helpful and her family is just as nice in person as they appear on tv. This is the perfect girlfriends get-away or if you’re a single guy looking for a wife you may just find her in one of the lines! 

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